BollyStreet Dance Class Croydon

Bollywood and Street Dance Classes in Croydon

As the name suggests, BollyStreet is a literal combination of Bollywood Dance and Street Dance. However, unlike many other dance fusion acts, we keep our dance styles in the their RAW FORMS.

That means that you learn clean bollywood dance and clean street dance… 

The great thing about combining these two styles is that each class is packed full of energy! The big explosive moves from Bollywood Dance and the attitude from Street Dance has created a very unique, fun and exciting dance class!

…if you are looking for a new, unique dance class, packed full of energy and fun dance moves, you have found the right place!

As an addition, if you are looking for a unique wedding performance, hen night lessons, or any public or private event entertainment, please click here.


Bollywood and Street Dance for Kids!

If you are interested in singing your child up for dance classes, please contact us.